Friday, 8 July 2011

Review: Lush Ltd. - Honey Lumps

Here's my latest review!

As you're all aware, I'm a HUGE Lush Ltd. fan - this particular ballistic came from my most recent haul... I'm sad to say that I've now ran out and must purchase more - too much spending = broken bank

So what do Lush say?
Drop one of these in the tub and soak your lovely lumps in honey. It's our soothing ballistic for children and our most sensitive customers, so if you've got skin that is easily offended or especially dry, take a soak with a Honey Lumps and it'll sort you out. Crunchy honey dissolves into the warm water to soothe and refresh the skin, while the delectable fragrance of honey and myrrh is released into the air to calm your mind.

What does Katie think?

Packaging: I love Lush's packaging. It's fantastically charming and perfectly eco-friendly. Unfortunately my "pillar of fizz" is now empty -

Smell: I'm not really a fan of honey in general... this is a personal thing and anything that smells like honey seems extremely potent to me, however - I know it's great for your skin and is extremely moisturising so I try to ignore it! Other people have commented that this smells amazing, it's just me!

Fizzability: As you can tell from the photos - LOTS OF BUBBLES!! It kind of disappears after a while though and it looks like plain empty bath water - weird way of describing it I know - apologies! I never get bored of watching the fizz. I'm such a child!

Relaxiness: Again - relaxing as hell! (I suppose the words "relaxing" and "hell" don't really go together - what's wrong with my adjective pairing today?) - apart from the strange honey smell, it was ace. 

Not as impressed with this as I usually am, but I'm glad I tried it and was still relaxed after using... 

Thumbs up from Cookies and Blush!!!

PS: I wanted to wish my beautiful sisters a happy 18th birthday!!! I can't believe they're both all grown up!!!!!!! Such a proud sister!

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