Sunday, 10 July 2011

Haul: Boots Various - Estee Lauder and Benefit

I definitely have a shopping/make up addiction - I blame my workmate Lil - she's like the devil on my shoulder... she says things like "go on, treat yourself" and "that's so nice!!! Why don't you get it?" 

I'll be honest, she's the best shopping partner as we're equally mental about make up and nail polish! Woohoo! 

I've vowed not to step foot in Boots again for a long long long time, this is what happens! 

My first Batiste product, wonder if it'll work for my hair seeing as it's so black! I'm worried it'll still be all powdery! 

I couldn't resist the Barry M nail polishes, Peach Melba (middle) is my new favourite and I managed to get my free Nails Inc polish in "Havana" with 2 Dove deodorants. 

I have two new lipsticks to review some time too, they were in the clearance section (idea from Fee at Make up Savvy - you GENIUS!!!!) and I managed to get them for 50p EACH - BARGAIN ALERT!!!!! I'm beyond chuffed with that purchase! 

I'll do a proper post on these products once I've had a chance to use them for a few weeks. I got the "Get Started Now" kit from Estee Lauder as I'm in love with their products, also managed to swipe a "Double Wear" foundation sample in "bone" and an "idealist" sample - wehey! 

The kit contains:
Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex
DayWear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15 for Normal/Combination Skin
Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex
Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser, 30ml

My first benefit haul! I've been coveting the Boi-ing industrial strength concealer for some time now and my friends have really noticed a difference since I've been using it! I have suitcases under my eyes rather than bags.. the dark circles are HUGE and nothing shifts them, even this isn't strong enough but it's a massive improvement! 

I got a Benefit velvet eyeshadow... I think the name of this is "bikini line" - although that doesn't sound right... is that right? 

This is a subtle gold/yellow and is perfect for light "office" make up!! 


As a benefit "newb" - can anyone recommend more products?


  1. Boing is by far my favorite concealer ever! That stuff will cover's magic! I also love benefit. Two of my other favs are Coralista blush and Eyebright.

  2. Boing is fantastic!! I have loved benefit for a while now but my favourite products are Coralista blush and Badgal eyeliner. xxx


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