Monday, 11 July 2011

Batista's Diary: Grumpiness

Wow - it's been a LOOONNNNGGGGGG time since Mummy's let me use the laptop - I think she gets annoyed with me walking all over the keyboard and sending things when I shouldn't (oops).

Me and Tips have been having so much fun! We're now 17 and 20 weeks (almost...) that's a whole 4/5 months - Crikey! Mum can't believe how much we've grown - her friends keep saying how fast we're growing up, it makes us feel old (tsk!)

We've been causing chaos, climbing up the walls in the kitchen and generally making a mess, it's all in the name of fun and Mummy lets us off because we're cute (tee he he). The see-saw is almost too small for us, they laugh at me because I'm all tubby and round and I can't quite fit in the holes anymore. I've also outgrown the little scratching post - I like to climb the bookcase instead now! 

The windowsill is my favourite place to sleep, I annoy Tips while I'm up there by chasing her tail... she tends to sulk off and go and sit in the corner - what a killjoy! 

Attacking pillows is my favourite game, as well as following Tips and trying to bite her tail - I think I've been named "the naughty one" now - uh oh! 

Here are some up to date pictures of us, I know you've not seen any for ages so I made Mummy put lots on for you!!! 

Mummy wants to know if you enjoy seeing pictures of us? (Surely you do right? We're teeny tiny fluffy little kittens!!)


  1. oh my!they are so precious!I would never be able to leave them alone,they're so cute!so very jealous!did you sister have a good birthday? x

  2. Haha! They are pretty cute, even when they're in destruct mode!!
    They had a lovely birthday thanks, there's two of them - lol!!


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