Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Links I Love #1

I thought I'd share a little love today, things have been pretty miserable, I apologise for being so negative on Twitter etc.

I've been on various "blog finding" missions lately, not because I'm bored with the blogs I'm reading already (They're all fantastic) but because I've been spending more and more time reading blogs and getting make up tips etc. - these have all been found along the way!! 

- The beautiful Gill at "Make up the night" has the most lovely style of writing and i love the background she uses for her product photographs!!

- Lily at "Beauty's Bad Habit" is one talented MUA - I particularly love her recent FOTD post where she took on the guise of an owl - seriously, check out her "FOTD - What an animal!" post!

- "Buckingham Alice" - what a beautiful blog and such a creative title picture. Cookies and Blush loves you!

- I'm sure many of you will remember the incredibly glamorous Laura, I've recently discovered this YouTube beauty guru and I'm so glad she's got a new blog! "Buy now, blog later" is filled with just enough fashion and the odd make up haul - perfection! It went from 100 to almost 2000 followers in two days, size doesn't matter, but it goes to show how much everybody loves her. Me included!! Yay!

- Next, the hilarious Liloo from "Le petit jardin de liloo". Wonderfully funny and oh so creative. She puts together some amazing make up looks and never fails to respond on Twitter (this, I like!).

- Steph at "Miss Mathful!" I've just found this blog today, I think it's ever so sweet. We love you Miss Mathful!!!

- "Modesty Brown" is a self confessed make up addict and loving mum to 3 mini Modesty Browns! Her FOTD's and honesty is what makes me love her blog. She even has a new section dedicated to baby/children products which is such fun to read!!

- The wonderful Ms Red from "Ms Reds Beauty Blog" never fails to make me laugh. She's always 100% honest and is another Twitter addict like me, it makes me chuckle when she gets thrown into "Twitter jail". Keep going Ms Red - I think I must be your number one fan! (Poor you).

- "The Nail Buff" - there are no words to say how much I love this blog. She feeds my nail polish obsession (sounds weird but it's true) and cheers me up endlessly!! What a talent!

- Finally, Cris from "Let them have polish". Again, feeding my nail polish obsession. A fellow laquer fanatic with the most incredible collection. (I think it stands at over 400 polishes so far). I love Muffin Mondays and her skills with nail art plates. I don't know how she manages it!! I'm desperate to try the Zoya and Bettina polishes she uses, I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!

Can you recommend any new blogs for me to follow guys? I'd love to hear your current favourites!


  1. Great post- I'm def going to check some of these blogs out! It's so nice to see bloggers supporting one another- loving the positivity!


  2. Thank you so much for the incredibly nice words lovely! I'm so flattered to be mentioned alongside such great blogs x

  3. Katie, your post has inspired me to do a similar post about blogs I love- yours being of them!- I have a little blurb about your blog- def check it out :)

  4. @Jessica - thank you so much!!!! I'm so pleased :o)

    @The Nail Buff - that's no problem at all. I really do love your blog and I think it's great that you're a fellow nail polish worshipper!!


  5. I posted a comment saying thank you when I saw this blog and it never appeared; embarrassing!
    Thank you so much for my mention, it is so easy to get disheartened with blogging sometimes, so it is really lovely when you get support from the blogging community!
    Thank you thank you thank you xx

  6. @Buckingham Alice - sorry honey, Blogger is rubbish sometimes huh?!?! Thanks so much for your comment though, it made me smile! X x


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