Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nail Of The Day: O.P.I - Skull & Glossbones and O.P.I - Need Sunglasses

Yet another nail of the day... I'm sure you're sick of them now but it pleases me to write about my new found love for all things nail polish!!! 

I finally used my Skull and Glossbones from O.P.I's Pirates of the Caribbean range - WEHEY!! 

As part of our month long "nail varnish pact" - my colleague and friend Lil also used one of her favourite O.P.I polishes - "Need Sunglasses?". Isn't it fantastically summery? 

By the time I'd been able to take the above picture, I'd already adapted my manicure as it was on it's last legs... after 4 days... 

I put some of my new China Glaze grey Crackle polish (Cracked Concrete) over the top, you can see it here.

I'm not sure what to think of this, it kind of looks like lizard skin - or is that just me? Maybe I'll apply it a bit more sparingly next time to make sure the crackles are further apart.

Still love it though! 

What do you think?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Links I Love #1

I thought I'd share a little love today, things have been pretty miserable, I apologise for being so negative on Twitter etc.

I've been on various "blog finding" missions lately, not because I'm bored with the blogs I'm reading already (They're all fantastic) but because I've been spending more and more time reading blogs and getting make up tips etc. - these have all been found along the way!! 

- The beautiful Gill at "Make up the night" has the most lovely style of writing and i love the background she uses for her product photographs!!

- Lily at "Beauty's Bad Habit" is one talented MUA - I particularly love her recent FOTD post where she took on the guise of an owl - seriously, check out her "FOTD - What an animal!" post!

- "Buckingham Alice" - what a beautiful blog and such a creative title picture. Cookies and Blush loves you!

- I'm sure many of you will remember the incredibly glamorous Laura, I've recently discovered this YouTube beauty guru and I'm so glad she's got a new blog! "Buy now, blog later" is filled with just enough fashion and the odd make up haul - perfection! It went from 100 to almost 2000 followers in two days, size doesn't matter, but it goes to show how much everybody loves her. Me included!! Yay!

- Next, the hilarious Liloo from "Le petit jardin de liloo". Wonderfully funny and oh so creative. She puts together some amazing make up looks and never fails to respond on Twitter (this, I like!).

- Steph at "Miss Mathful!" I've just found this blog today, I think it's ever so sweet. We love you Miss Mathful!!!

- "Modesty Brown" is a self confessed make up addict and loving mum to 3 mini Modesty Browns! Her FOTD's and honesty is what makes me love her blog. She even has a new section dedicated to baby/children products which is such fun to read!!

- The wonderful Ms Red from "Ms Reds Beauty Blog" never fails to make me laugh. She's always 100% honest and is another Twitter addict like me, it makes me chuckle when she gets thrown into "Twitter jail". Keep going Ms Red - I think I must be your number one fan! (Poor you).

- "The Nail Buff" - there are no words to say how much I love this blog. She feeds my nail polish obsession (sounds weird but it's true) and cheers me up endlessly!! What a talent!

- Finally, Cris from "Let them have polish". Again, feeding my nail polish obsession. A fellow laquer fanatic with the most incredible collection. (I think it stands at over 400 polishes so far). I love Muffin Mondays and her skills with nail art plates. I don't know how she manages it!! I'm desperate to try the Zoya and Bettina polishes she uses, I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!

Can you recommend any new blogs for me to follow guys? I'd love to hear your current favourites!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nail Envy: Kardashian Kolors

As you may have already noticed by now, I'm a little obsessed by nail polish. In particular, OPI and China Glaze polish! I'm also pretty addicted to all things Kardashian... 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Khloe and Lamar
Kim and Kourtney take New York 
Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami... 

You name it - I watch it!! 

So as you can guess, when I heard they were creating a nail polish line with "Nicole" at OPI - I was beyond excited. My poor colleague Lil has had to listen to me talking about it ALLLLLLLLLLL DAYYYYYY! 

14 new nail lacquer shades inspired by the 5 Kardashian sisters and their Mommager, Kris Jenner. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall Jenner – are known for their head-to-toe unique style and multiple clothing/beauty/perfume/shoe lines... now they have an OPI line to add to their collection!! 

OPI says - “We are so excited to work with everyone’s favorite TV family – the Kardashians – to share a diverse collection of fashion-forward shades,” declares Suzi Weiss-FischmannNicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “With lacquers ranging from high-shine and sparkly hues to neutral taupe and pinkish coral, Kardashian Kolors offers the perfect accessory for every woman – from teens to moms and everyone in between.” 

Of course they're excited to work with them!!!  

PS: Are they Daffodile Loubou's I spy on Kourtney *sigh*

I personally thing the "Kolors" are fantastic! Such a broad range, with some awesome names too:

It's All About the Glam
Shimmering-white glitz for the glamorous gal!

Kim-pletely in Love
Finally! The pink of her dreams has arrived.

All Kendall-ed Up
Powder your nose and get some pink on those toes!

Wear Something Spar-Kylie
Glitter-ly the prettiest pink ever!

Sealed with a Kris
Handle with care: This klassy red is top-of-the-line!

Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi
And this captivating coral looks “fab” on everyone!

Rainbow in the S-Kylie
Girls just wanna have…glitter in every color!

Disco Dolls
Glittery gold glam gone wild!

Kendall on the Katwalk
A head-turning blue-green with a “sparkling” personality!

Listen to your Momager!
If you don’t, you’ll never see this fabulous blue again!

Follow Me on Glitter
A glittery deep gray that always has something to say!

My Empire...My Rules
This take-charge taupe is always on-trend.

Khloé Had a Little Lam-Lam
A deep dark emerald worth falling for.

Hard Kourt Fashionista
This delicious deep brown is the chicest hue in town!

These are due to be released on November 25th, I cannot wait to get my hands on these babies!!!!! Retailing for around £10 each - YAY!!!! 

Would you guys purchase any of these?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nail of The Day: Colour Club - Uptown Girl and Rimmel - Coralicious

I've mentioned previously that me and my workmate Lil are attempting a "nail polish challenge" - you may have noticed that I've become a little addicted to nail polish and NOTD posts recently, Lil is pretty much the same - I sit next to her at work... we're out of control with the make-up/nail conversations and online shopping sprees!

We decided to make sure our nails were manicured within an inch of their lives and painted perfectly for one.whole.month! 

Here's our first shared NOTD!! 

[Lil - Rimmel "Coralicious"]

[Me - Colour Club "Uptown Girl"]

We think that this will probably turn into a life long challenge rather than the planned month, it's all for a good cause!!!!

Would you guys and gals like to see more of these posts?

Monday, 11 July 2011

Batista's Diary: Grumpiness

Wow - it's been a LOOONNNNGGGGGG time since Mummy's let me use the laptop - I think she gets annoyed with me walking all over the keyboard and sending things when I shouldn't (oops).

Me and Tips have been having so much fun! We're now 17 and 20 weeks (almost...) that's a whole 4/5 months - Crikey! Mum can't believe how much we've grown - her friends keep saying how fast we're growing up, it makes us feel old (tsk!)

We've been causing chaos, climbing up the walls in the kitchen and generally making a mess, it's all in the name of fun and Mummy lets us off because we're cute (tee he he). The see-saw is almost too small for us, they laugh at me because I'm all tubby and round and I can't quite fit in the holes anymore. I've also outgrown the little scratching post - I like to climb the bookcase instead now! 

The windowsill is my favourite place to sleep, I annoy Tips while I'm up there by chasing her tail... she tends to sulk off and go and sit in the corner - what a killjoy! 

Attacking pillows is my favourite game, as well as following Tips and trying to bite her tail - I think I've been named "the naughty one" now - uh oh! 

Here are some up to date pictures of us, I know you've not seen any for ages so I made Mummy put lots on for you!!! 

Mummy wants to know if you enjoy seeing pictures of us? (Surely you do right? We're teeny tiny fluffy little kittens!!)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Haul: Boots Various - Estee Lauder and Benefit

I definitely have a shopping/make up addiction - I blame my workmate Lil - she's like the devil on my shoulder... she says things like "go on, treat yourself" and "that's so nice!!! Why don't you get it?" 

I'll be honest, she's the best shopping partner as we're equally mental about make up and nail polish! Woohoo! 

I've vowed not to step foot in Boots again for a long long long time, this is what happens! 

My first Batiste product, wonder if it'll work for my hair seeing as it's so black! I'm worried it'll still be all powdery! 

I couldn't resist the Barry M nail polishes, Peach Melba (middle) is my new favourite and I managed to get my free Nails Inc polish in "Havana" with 2 Dove deodorants. 

I have two new lipsticks to review some time too, they were in the clearance section (idea from Fee at Make up Savvy - you GENIUS!!!!) and I managed to get them for 50p EACH - BARGAIN ALERT!!!!! I'm beyond chuffed with that purchase! 

I'll do a proper post on these products once I've had a chance to use them for a few weeks. I got the "Get Started Now" kit from Estee Lauder as I'm in love with their products, also managed to swipe a "Double Wear" foundation sample in "bone" and an "idealist" sample - wehey! 

The kit contains:
Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex
DayWear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15 for Normal/Combination Skin
Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex
Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser, 30ml

My first benefit haul! I've been coveting the Boi-ing industrial strength concealer for some time now and my friends have really noticed a difference since I've been using it! I have suitcases under my eyes rather than bags.. the dark circles are HUGE and nothing shifts them, even this isn't strong enough but it's a massive improvement! 

I got a Benefit velvet eyeshadow... I think the name of this is "bikini line" - although that doesn't sound right... is that right? 

This is a subtle gold/yellow and is perfect for light "office" make up!! 


As a benefit "newb" - can anyone recommend more products?

Friday, 8 July 2011

Review: Lush Ltd. - Honey Lumps

Here's my latest review!

As you're all aware, I'm a HUGE Lush Ltd. fan - this particular ballistic came from my most recent haul... I'm sad to say that I've now ran out and must purchase more - too much spending = broken bank

So what do Lush say?
Drop one of these in the tub and soak your lovely lumps in honey. It's our soothing ballistic for children and our most sensitive customers, so if you've got skin that is easily offended or especially dry, take a soak with a Honey Lumps and it'll sort you out. Crunchy honey dissolves into the warm water to soothe and refresh the skin, while the delectable fragrance of honey and myrrh is released into the air to calm your mind.

What does Katie think?

Packaging: I love Lush's packaging. It's fantastically charming and perfectly eco-friendly. Unfortunately my "pillar of fizz" is now empty -

Smell: I'm not really a fan of honey in general... this is a personal thing and anything that smells like honey seems extremely potent to me, however - I know it's great for your skin and is extremely moisturising so I try to ignore it! Other people have commented that this smells amazing, it's just me!

Fizzability: As you can tell from the photos - LOTS OF BUBBLES!! It kind of disappears after a while though and it looks like plain empty bath water - weird way of describing it I know - apologies! I never get bored of watching the fizz. I'm such a child!

Relaxiness: Again - relaxing as hell! (I suppose the words "relaxing" and "hell" don't really go together - what's wrong with my adjective pairing today?) - apart from the strange honey smell, it was ace. 

Not as impressed with this as I usually am, but I'm glad I tried it and was still relaxed after using... 

Thumbs up from Cookies and Blush!!!

PS: I wanted to wish my beautiful sisters a happy 18th birthday!!! I can't believe they're both all grown up!!!!!!! Such a proud sister!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Haul: O.P.I and China Glaze

OBSESSED is my word of the month. 

Nail polish is where it's at - OH YEAH! 

I've been a little crazy with the whole OPI and China Glaze obsession and I'm thinking I should have laid off with the buying - i suppose it makes for a good haul post - even if I am broke as a result of it! 

My China Glaze haul contains the following: 

From left to right:
- "Recycle"
- "Cracked Concrete" Crackle Glaze
- "Lightening Bolt" Crackle Glaze
- "Innocence"

I also purchased a top coat with the rest of my OPI polishes! 

From left to right:
- China Glaze "Fast Forward Top Coat"
- OPI "Skull & Glossbones"
- OPI "Stranger Tides"

The OPI "Pirates of the Caribbean" range is a firm favourite of mine, hopefully I'll have the full collection soon. You may remember from a recent post that my beloved OPI "Skull & Glossbones" polish died a horrible death at the hands of my Mum and Dad's kitchen floor - this is my second bottle and I'm being VERY careful with it!!! 

My last OPI polishes are here - LOVE THEM!

From left to right:
- OPI "Planks A Lot"
- OPI "Over The Taupe"

What're your favourite OPI and China Glaze products? Any recommendations?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nail of The Day: E.L.F - Dusky Mauve

I've been loving my ELF polishes lately and I'm beyond impressed!

I've had so many comments about this colour in particular and the girls on the benefit/estee Lauder counter at my local boots loved it!

I think this shade is "dusky mauve" - what do you think?!

I also received some new china glaze crackle polish which I'd ordered earlier in the week - I popped some on my thumbs to brighten my manicure up a little!

In love!