Sunday, 8 April 2012

Review: Boots Zingy Berry Shower Gel

Hi everyone, 

Are you ok? Enjoying the easter break I hope?

Yesterday, making full use of my long weekend, i took a trip to my local boots store to stock up on make-up, toiletries and whatever else I could get my hands on. I took part in the obligatory beauty blogger's swatch-fest and spent far too much money on things I didn't really need because I wanted to test them out for reviews etc. - overall, it was pretty successful if you ask me! I love a good boots run!

One thing which caught my eye was the, cheap as chips at £1 a pop, Zingy Berry shower gel. A boots own brand and looking wonderful in their basic but bright packaging, I was in for a treat!

I tend to keep a large 'pump action' bottle in the shower for my body wash/shower gel and often buy four or five smaller bottles of whichever gel takes my fancy to top it up. I couldn't wait to try out the berry stuff, it smelt divine!!!

Unfortunately, it didn't quite turn out to be as wonderful as I thought it would... *cries*.

The texture of the gel was, in a word, WEIRD ! It was kind of lumpy... And wouldn't foam up with the addition of water, instead, it just slid off my hand and went straight down the drain, every single time I tried to use it! It almost broke into lots of lumpy bits and spread all over the shower floor, also making plenty of mess! In general, it was a little bit of a let down.

Ive now had to replace it with my trusty Imperial Leather Shower smoothy wash which has led to a waste of product, and money. So sad :(

I'm baffled, the boots range is always spot on and I've never ever had a problem before - I'm wondering if maybe it was just a bad batch? Maybe one of the other ones would be different?

Not sure if I want to spend another £1 to find out really. If anyone has had the same problem I'd love to hear about it!