Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Review: Lush Ltd. "Happy Blooming"

Tonight's bath was a bit of a disaster...

I think it takes a lot of skill [or not, as the case may be] to completely bugger up bath time -- but somehow I've managed it today! What a moron!

After looking at the "Happy Blooming" bath melt on lush.co.uk for some time, I thought I'd order this along with the rest of my haul and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't really sure what to do with it! Epic FAIL on the bath front, considering I'm supposed to be a bath 'pro' too... this is an awful predicament!

Anyway... moving on... here it is! The 'Happy Blooming' bath melt:


Lush say:

The happy, mouth-watering, fruity fragrance is down to Simon's 'Cherry Chops', named in honour of beautiful cherry blossoms. You get three baths out of each one ? just snap off one segment per soak and its blend of calamine, ylang and cocoa butter will leave your skin silky and non-greasy. We think it's blooming marvelous, and we're sure you will too.

My first mistake was to put the melt in the water AFTER the tub had filled... which turned out to be the complete opposite of what you were supposed to do... needless to say - it didn't do the melting bit!
Here's the actual instructions:

Drop half or a whole bath melt into the tub as it fills with warm water. When the tub is full, get in and let the natural oils soften and moisturize your skin.

Oops - Never mind!!! I only used a third of the melt but if you'd like an intense soak you might as well chuck the whole thing in there!

I did enjoy my bath... but unfortunately the bath melt was a little too oily for me and left a kind of residue on my skin. It's not all bad - I smell YUMMY now!

:) x

Reviews: Various Bits and Bobs from Lush Ltd.

I've not reviewed any products properly for a while and after a recent 'Lush' haul I thought I'd post a couple of paragraphs!

My selected products arrived on Monday after a total nightmare with the ordering system and late delivery! Not to mention the fact that their website had been hacked!!!!!

I placed my order on Thursday, only to receive an email that evening saying that my card details may have been "compromised", the site was hacked on 24th of October and they've waited until mid January to notify their customers, hundreds of people could have been affected. I'm sure you've all heard about this by now so I won't harp on about it... 'tis a little scary though!

Anyway, I'm still a loyal customer and will continue to shop with Lush, maybe not on the website from now on though hey?!

Firstly, I received the "Avobath" bomb for free with the rest of my delivery. The lovely people at Lush threw it in to "cheer me up" - it was a lovely gesture and as I'm a huge fan of their bath bombs, it really did brighten up my day!

This is what they say about the "Avobath" bomb:

Stimulate your senses with the essential oils of lemongrass and bergamot. Freshly squished avocados are stirred into every batch along with scoops of olive oil to moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving you soft and smooth. Happy skin and a happy disposition all in one best selling bath bomb! If you need a winter-moisturizing treat on a dark drizzly day or a cool refreshing bath in the heat, Avobath!

Here's how it went:

Now... this particular bath bomb contains just enough fizz and loveliness for one bath so there's no need to split it. I know the bath looks all murky and dirty, but I promise this wasn't because of me! This isn't my favourite ballistic but it did, however, have tiny little flecks of glitter in it and made my skin look all shiny when I was done! My legs had a lovely "sheen" to them - this would be PERFECT for a pre-party bath!

It smelt incredible and although there weren't any bubbly bits [which I normally can't live without!!!] - it did everything a pure and relaxing bath should do! I felt moisturised and pampered! YAY!!!

I even used one of my other products whilst in my "Avobath"...

"Cosmetic Warrior" is the first ever face mask I've purchased from Lush. I suffer from dry patches on my forehead and cheeks so I make sure any facial products used are at least lightly moisturising, Cosmetic Warrior sounded like it would be perfect for me!

Here's what 'Lush' claim: "A superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt and calm and soothe all troubled skins."

A little pricey at £5.75... you only get a tiny little pot, but it really is quality stuff and could easily be used three times. I love the fact that you have to "keep it chilled" because it's so fresh! Some ingredients include, garlic and crushed grapes. There was even a little label on the bottom to tell you who prepared your mask and when it should be used by - Thank you "Katrina" from Lush, my mask was lovely!

This mask is extremely thick and I actually found it quite difficult to apply... I looked an absolute idiot after I'd applied it but it really felt like it was working as soon as it was on my skin.

A lovely lumpy treat for my face! I'm no good at describing smells... but if anybody has used any of the "hemp" range from the Body Shop, this is exactly what it smelt like... but with a little more citrus in there somewhere!

It was an absolute NIGHTMARE to get off once I was done! Short of putting my head under water and waiting for 10 minutes for it to dissolve [which clearly would NOT have been a good idea for someone who can hold her breath for a whole 3 seconds] I was unsure what to do! I suppose I could have made it easier for myself by using a flannel to remove it but I always do things the hard way!!!

Overall - I thoroughly enjoyed my bath and these products have totally made up for the inconvenience caused by 'HackerGate' - Quality as ever Lush! Thank you very much!!!!!  

:) x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cookies and Blush Awards: The Winners Are...

Samantha at "Corsets, Crafts and Cupcakes' has tagged me in her version of the "blog awards" - the latest blogging craze to sweep the nation!

Firstly, thank you Samantha... it's great to hear that people are actually reading my ramblings and I'm so glad you enjoy it! You always leave me lovely comments and I enjoy hearing from you!! Get recommending me to all those wonderful followers of yours lol!

Lets cover the rules shall we?

~ Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.

~ Share 7 things about yourself

~ Pass the award on to 5 recently discovered blogs that you enjoy reading

~ Leave your recipient a note telling them about their award.

Now, I've done a post in the past which covered a whole FIFTEEN random facts about me, to avoid any repetition I think I'll pass on the "7 things about me" part... if you are interested though, check out the other post here.

I've chosen seven blogs for the award, all of which are fantastic for many different reasons...

Number 1: http://baghabit.blogspot.com [The mysterious 'BagLady' has such a lovely way of describing things, she brightens up any dreary day. An all round brilliant 'blogista']
Number 2: http://pearlsandpoodles.blogspot.com [Milly also brightens up my mood when she posts, she has the most fantastic "whimsical" writing style and is one of my favourite beauty bloggers!!]
Number 3: http://www.kelanjo.com/ [Kelly takes some incredible photos, she truely is an extremely talented photographer and writer!]
Number 4: http://goldenglowww.blogspot.com/ [Lisa writes THE best beauty blogs and despite being on a "beauty product shopping ban", she still manages to think of entertaining entries]
Number 5: http://lulaxbella.blogspot.com/ [Louise is a close friend of mine and another lovely blogger! She recently revamped her blog but there are some lovely reviews and posts on there with more to follow!]

That's my five Blog Awards! Yay!

:) x

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Today: To Old Friends and New

Today I enjoyed a lovely coffee with one of my old friends, unfortunately we'd lost contact for well over a year and haven't had a chance to really catch up until now! So much has happened over the last two years or so that I literally though I might burst with all the gossip.

Off to Starbucks we went to speak about mutual friends, laugh at recent mishaps and share good news - accompanied by a Grande Caramel Macchiato:

[Best Coffee EVER]

This was followed by a quick trip to Dorothy Perkins a New Look... LOVE shopping!

I thought I'd dedicate this post to old friends [and 'new' friends of course... ]

To be perfectly honest, I'm not actually too sure where I'm going with this post -- I admit, I've not really thought it through... I guess I just miss a lot of people, with whom I was once very very close to. I understand that it's completely natural to eventually drift from childhood friends but there are so many people who I find hilarious, trustworthy and genuinely lovely and I wish we could all just keep in contact with eachother!

Maybe that's just the way the cookie crumbles hey?

Let's raise a glass [an imaginary one if that...] to friends, old and new!

:) x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wishlist: The Unreachables

I'm currently sat here... on my lunch break.... staring at my screen wondering what on earth I can do to avoid touching any of the work I have piling up, while I should be enjoying a relaxing hour away from everything!

I thought I'd be productive and write a post for you all, I apologise for being so terrible at my blogging lately, things have been so busy that I've only managed one every few days. One of my New year's resolutions was to blog more, I knew I wouldn't be able to stick to them for long!

I'm listening to Keri Hilson's new album at the moment [it's called "No boys allowed"], which is fantastic! I've never been a huge fan but her latest tracks are full of "Girls rock" type lyrics... saying how we should all be independent etc. etc. etc.! It's actually quite motivational! Not that I want to be 10% independent in every way... but when it comes to my career etc. that's exactly the attitude I think I should have. 

Maybe I'm wrong? Hmmm...

I've taken some time to compile a short wishlist. I'm not all about the material things in life, and I'd have to win the lottery to own some of the gorgeous things I'm currently pining after, I just thought it would be cool to put my "wishlist" out there... maybe you could compare mine to yours?

Here we go...

Number one:

A pair of Louboutins:

Every girl should have at least one HUGELY overpriced pair of shoes... and I'm particularly in love with the above pair from the new season. And... Mr Louboutin's website is pretty darn cool, check it out here.

Number Two:

An Audi S3. Now, the likelihood of me EVER getting one of these is pretty slim, but I am a closet petrol head and I love pretty cars like this! I love it... *oooooo shiny*

Number Three:

A nice trip to the bahamas! I haven't had a proper holiday abroad since in was 12 [THAT'S 8 YEARS!!!!] and I'm desperate for sun sea and sand. I don't think I've had a tan for a very long time!

Number Four:

This is one that is a little bit more reachable. I've been a huge fan or the Kerastase hair masques for a whole 5 years and have only used them twice! The salon I used to work in stocked the products and I was crazy for them. This is still a little out of my price range at the moment [pah! And as if the others are within my price range... nawwwwwwt] but I will get there in the end!!!! Ooooo luscious locks ahoy!

Number Five:

[Wow - this is one hell of a wish list!!!]

An SLR camera. I've got my eye on the Canon 1000d and have heard nothing but fantastic reviews about it! I'm a very keen photographer and have been without a proper camera for almost a year! They're all so bloody expensive so I've had to use my phone! Considering I now have an iPhone 4 -- you can imagine how terrible the pictures are! I can't wait to get this baby so that I can do some creative shoots!

Number Six:

I'm an avid reader and am obsessed with Robin Hobb at the moment. She writes the most incredible stories and has a grand total of 4 trilogies out at present. I've been borrowing the books one by one from my lovely friend Jess, but it's going to take me forever to gain each and every one for myself! I'd love to have the full collection one day! I'd also like the whole collection of Twilight books [yes... I'm that sad]. Team Jacob all the way RAWR!

Number Seven:

A Tiffany charm bracelet. I know these are pretty common and there are a tonne of fakes out there, but I've always wanted one of these! The boxes are so pretty!!! And I know I'd wear it EVERY day if I had one...

Number Eight:

A Mulberry clutch bag, they are without a doubt, some of the most gorgeous bags I've ever seen!!!
One day I'll get there...

:) x

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Love Those Curves

I'm pretty sure that every girl [and although they won't admit it... most guys] have at least one hang up about their bodies. I certainly have... in fact, I think I have hundreds! Whether it's embarrassment over that bit of perfectly normal cellulite on those thighs, the spot prone chin, or that extra weight you've been carrying after unashamedly over indulging during the holiday period... there must be something about your body that you continuously scrutinize .. even if there's nothing at all wrong with it!!!

** Those of you who have none of the above... well... you're a supermodel and the "Green Eyed Monster" will be paying me a visit shortly**

Now, many of you [particularly, those who tweet] will have heard about the horror, disdain and controversy being caused by a certain [beyond] Z list socialite on Twitter at present.
In no way do I want to give this person publicity or promote him in any way, I simply feel that this is a way to express my feelings about a somewhat, "tricky" subject... including the most idiotic person I've possibly ever come across!

Mr Kenneth Tong, Big Brother reject and self proclaimed "Playboy" has launched one of the most hateful and horrendous campaigns against perfectly normal people who happen to be bigger than a size zero, he is [and I quote] - "Proudly endorsing managed anorexia".
Being a size zero may suit the likes of Kate Moss or Lily Cole, but, like myself, many women are much happier and much more comfortable at a size 10/12/14/16/18 and so on.

I know... and everyone else out there knows... that curvy is beautiful, curvy is healthy and curvy is most definitely sexy, but according to the notorious Mr Tong, anything other than "size zero" is "disgusting" and "an embarrassment". I am shocked and appalled at some of the poisonous comments Mr T has been spouting on twitter recently, he's even been attempting to rope in celebrities such as Rhianna and Simon Cowell to endorse his "Size Zero Pill":

According to Mr T, his "pill" is supposed to aid "Managed Anorexia". Anorexia in any form is a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease which affects millions of boys, girls, men and women across the world and as I'm sure you'll agree, it should not be used to make healthy people feel bad about eating. It's a term that should not be used lightly.

All of the Celebs targeted by Tong's useless and ridiculous campaign have returned his tweets claiming that he is a sick man, which clearly he is. The tweets even prompted Rhianna to call out to her fans:

Of course... Rhianna has stated what everybody is thinking!

The reason for this post is not just to bring this to people's attention, but is to...

1) Call upon Twitter, in the hope that they will ban these awful posts and Mr Tong's membership with them.

And to,

2) Remind each and every one of you that you are beautiful in your own way. Never EVER let things like this get to you and make sure you all keep that sparkle and tenacity that idiots such as Tong want to kill!

I have many hang ups about my body and personally, I know that I need to loose weight, but I will do this in my own time and at my own pace, remaining healthy and happy throughout the process! If you feel the need to diet, find advice from a reliable source such as a Doctor or Nutritionist and do it simply by eating well and exercising!

Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable in their own skin and everybody out there needs to know that Curvy is Brilliant! Curvy is Sexy!

Love your curves, I know I do... 

:) x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Haul: E.L.F - My first

My E.L.F [Eyes Lips Face] order arrived today...

It was a total disaster from order to delivery! I sent two angry emails after the promised delivery period of 5 days turned into 10 days... with no response whatsoever. I think they may have just put it out for delivery again, and maybe on 1st class, as two days after the second email it was waiting for me at home when i returned from work.

Anyway, it's here now and I'm extremely happy with my purchases!!!

My 1st E.L.F haul consists of the following:

- Eye Shadow Palette in 'Natural' - £3.50
- Dual pencil sharpener - £1.50
- Eyeliner Brush - £1.50
- Eye Shadow Brush - £1.50
- Eye Crease Brush - £1.50
- Eyelid Primer - £1.50
- Eyebrow Kit in 'Medium' - £3.50
- Brush Case - £5.00

I've not tried the products yet and I promise that when I do try them out, I'll write up a full review with swatches of the colours included. I have more on the way so will also post some photos when/if the delivery ever arrives!

So excited!

:) x

Monday, 3 January 2011

Nailene: A "Slight" Mishap

I re-applied my Nailene "active square" nails on New Years and this time saw a huge improvement with application.... it gets easier with practice evidently and I'm even more impressed with the quality of these than I was last time.

I love them!

[Barry M - 'Grey']

...and I managed to NOT stick my fingers together at all this time! Yay go me!!!!!!!!


I have had a few mishaps this time round and have discovered a whole 'nother realm of pain.

"Nail Snapping"

Now this really does hurt.... It's happened twice so far and I genuinely thought my finger was going to drop off each time. I think that because the glue is so strong, it almost takes your real nail with it when the cover comes off.

I managed to do a dodgy repair job on the latest one -- check it out:

Hopefully my bodge job will last for another few days until I soak the nails off again... it doesn't actually look to bad unless you really study the nails! I'll try to be a bit more careful in the meantime!


:) x

Review: Lush Ltd. Mrs Whippy

[Lush image]

A few days ago I enjoyed yet another bath... this time with the "Mrs Whippy" ballistic from 'Lush'. I've had so many baths lately, I genuinely think I'm addicted to hot water and bubbles -- I suppose it could be worse.

When the ballistic arrived, it didn't look exactly like the image on the 'Lush' website, many of the little pink bits had fallen from the top there weren't any "swirls" left in it. It smelt amazing though, and because they'd put the bath bomb into one of their recyclable bags, you could salvage the little pink "hundred and thousand" type things by emptying the bag into the water...

This ballistic is pretty special, there is soya milk in the middle, so the water becomes extra softened when the ballistic fizzes down to the centre.

It's a milk bath like Cleopatra used to have, and it's great for soothing skin after intense sunshine. Mrs. Whippy fizzes slowly, giving you a long-lasting soak and smooth skin. Although I haven't spent any time in any kind of sun recently... especially not "intense" sunshine.. I found that this ballistic still soothed my wind chapped skin [ew].

I should really have split the bath bomb rather than using the whole thing. It was fizzing for AGES and gave more than enough bubbles and milky - watery joy when it was half done! To be honest I was so tired and achy, I couldn't really be bothered to split it... still... a lesson for next time!

I still think the "Cinders" bath bomb that I reviewed recently is better, but this was well worth the money and I'll definatley buy this again -- another 'Lush' success!!!

[Missing it's 'pink' bits]

[Possibly the prettiest bath water ever!!]

 :) x