Monday, 3 January 2011

Nailene: A "Slight" Mishap

I re-applied my Nailene "active square" nails on New Years and this time saw a huge improvement with application.... it gets easier with practice evidently and I'm even more impressed with the quality of these than I was last time.

I love them!

[Barry M - 'Grey']

...and I managed to NOT stick my fingers together at all this time! Yay go me!!!!!!!!


I have had a few mishaps this time round and have discovered a whole 'nother realm of pain.

"Nail Snapping"

Now this really does hurt.... It's happened twice so far and I genuinely thought my finger was going to drop off each time. I think that because the glue is so strong, it almost takes your real nail with it when the cover comes off.

I managed to do a dodgy repair job on the latest one -- check it out:

Hopefully my bodge job will last for another few days until I soak the nails off again... it doesn't actually look to bad unless you really study the nails! I'll try to be a bit more careful in the meantime!


:) x

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