Sunday, 9 January 2011

Love Those Curves

I'm pretty sure that every girl [and although they won't admit it... most guys] have at least one hang up about their bodies. I certainly have... in fact, I think I have hundreds! Whether it's embarrassment over that bit of perfectly normal cellulite on those thighs, the spot prone chin, or that extra weight you've been carrying after unashamedly over indulging during the holiday period... there must be something about your body that you continuously scrutinize .. even if there's nothing at all wrong with it!!!

** Those of you who have none of the above... well... you're a supermodel and the "Green Eyed Monster" will be paying me a visit shortly**

Now, many of you [particularly, those who tweet] will have heard about the horror, disdain and controversy being caused by a certain [beyond] Z list socialite on Twitter at present.
In no way do I want to give this person publicity or promote him in any way, I simply feel that this is a way to express my feelings about a somewhat, "tricky" subject... including the most idiotic person I've possibly ever come across!

Mr Kenneth Tong, Big Brother reject and self proclaimed "Playboy" has launched one of the most hateful and horrendous campaigns against perfectly normal people who happen to be bigger than a size zero, he is [and I quote] - "Proudly endorsing managed anorexia".
Being a size zero may suit the likes of Kate Moss or Lily Cole, but, like myself, many women are much happier and much more comfortable at a size 10/12/14/16/18 and so on.

I know... and everyone else out there knows... that curvy is beautiful, curvy is healthy and curvy is most definitely sexy, but according to the notorious Mr Tong, anything other than "size zero" is "disgusting" and "an embarrassment". I am shocked and appalled at some of the poisonous comments Mr T has been spouting on twitter recently, he's even been attempting to rope in celebrities such as Rhianna and Simon Cowell to endorse his "Size Zero Pill":

According to Mr T, his "pill" is supposed to aid "Managed Anorexia". Anorexia in any form is a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease which affects millions of boys, girls, men and women across the world and as I'm sure you'll agree, it should not be used to make healthy people feel bad about eating. It's a term that should not be used lightly.

All of the Celebs targeted by Tong's useless and ridiculous campaign have returned his tweets claiming that he is a sick man, which clearly he is. The tweets even prompted Rhianna to call out to her fans:

Of course... Rhianna has stated what everybody is thinking!

The reason for this post is not just to bring this to people's attention, but is to...

1) Call upon Twitter, in the hope that they will ban these awful posts and Mr Tong's membership with them.

And to,

2) Remind each and every one of you that you are beautiful in your own way. Never EVER let things like this get to you and make sure you all keep that sparkle and tenacity that idiots such as Tong want to kill!

I have many hang ups about my body and personally, I know that I need to loose weight, but I will do this in my own time and at my own pace, remaining healthy and happy throughout the process! If you feel the need to diet, find advice from a reliable source such as a Doctor or Nutritionist and do it simply by eating well and exercising!

Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable in their own skin and everybody out there needs to know that Curvy is Brilliant! Curvy is Sexy!

Love your curves, I know I do... 

:) x


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