Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wishlist: The Unreachables

I'm currently sat here... on my lunch break.... staring at my screen wondering what on earth I can do to avoid touching any of the work I have piling up, while I should be enjoying a relaxing hour away from everything!

I thought I'd be productive and write a post for you all, I apologise for being so terrible at my blogging lately, things have been so busy that I've only managed one every few days. One of my New year's resolutions was to blog more, I knew I wouldn't be able to stick to them for long!

I'm listening to Keri Hilson's new album at the moment [it's called "No boys allowed"], which is fantastic! I've never been a huge fan but her latest tracks are full of "Girls rock" type lyrics... saying how we should all be independent etc. etc. etc.! It's actually quite motivational! Not that I want to be 10% independent in every way... but when it comes to my career etc. that's exactly the attitude I think I should have. 

Maybe I'm wrong? Hmmm...

I've taken some time to compile a short wishlist. I'm not all about the material things in life, and I'd have to win the lottery to own some of the gorgeous things I'm currently pining after, I just thought it would be cool to put my "wishlist" out there... maybe you could compare mine to yours?

Here we go...

Number one:

A pair of Louboutins:

Every girl should have at least one HUGELY overpriced pair of shoes... and I'm particularly in love with the above pair from the new season. And... Mr Louboutin's website is pretty darn cool, check it out here.

Number Two:

An Audi S3. Now, the likelihood of me EVER getting one of these is pretty slim, but I am a closet petrol head and I love pretty cars like this! I love it... *oooooo shiny*

Number Three:

A nice trip to the bahamas! I haven't had a proper holiday abroad since in was 12 [THAT'S 8 YEARS!!!!] and I'm desperate for sun sea and sand. I don't think I've had a tan for a very long time!

Number Four:

This is one that is a little bit more reachable. I've been a huge fan or the Kerastase hair masques for a whole 5 years and have only used them twice! The salon I used to work in stocked the products and I was crazy for them. This is still a little out of my price range at the moment [pah! And as if the others are within my price range... nawwwwwwt] but I will get there in the end!!!! Ooooo luscious locks ahoy!

Number Five:

[Wow - this is one hell of a wish list!!!]

An SLR camera. I've got my eye on the Canon 1000d and have heard nothing but fantastic reviews about it! I'm a very keen photographer and have been without a proper camera for almost a year! They're all so bloody expensive so I've had to use my phone! Considering I now have an iPhone 4 -- you can imagine how terrible the pictures are! I can't wait to get this baby so that I can do some creative shoots!

Number Six:

I'm an avid reader and am obsessed with Robin Hobb at the moment. She writes the most incredible stories and has a grand total of 4 trilogies out at present. I've been borrowing the books one by one from my lovely friend Jess, but it's going to take me forever to gain each and every one for myself! I'd love to have the full collection one day! I'd also like the whole collection of Twilight books [yes... I'm that sad]. Team Jacob all the way RAWR!

Number Seven:

A Tiffany charm bracelet. I know these are pretty common and there are a tonne of fakes out there, but I've always wanted one of these! The boxes are so pretty!!! And I know I'd wear it EVERY day if I had one...

Number Eight:

A Mulberry clutch bag, they are without a doubt, some of the most gorgeous bags I've ever seen!!!
One day I'll get there...

:) x


  1. hehee those shoes would kill me O.o...her third book of the rain wild chronicles is out in March actually insanely excited. Once your done with those Katiebelle I'm reading The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind 11 books (I'm on the 7th) but I have never had such a depth of feeling when I've read before they are INCREDIBLE! love you!!

  2. EEEEEE that's so exciting! I think I'll be reading some 'Samson' books after this, then I'll definately start on the Terry Goodkind ones! Think I need to chuck some chicklit in there somewhere too!
    I have a pair of heels that are the same height as these already so I should be ok walking in them -- not that I EVER have to worry about that as I'm 100% sure I won't ever own the above lol



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