Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Reviews: Various Bits and Bobs from Lush Ltd.

I've not reviewed any products properly for a while and after a recent 'Lush' haul I thought I'd post a couple of paragraphs!

My selected products arrived on Monday after a total nightmare with the ordering system and late delivery! Not to mention the fact that their website had been hacked!!!!!

I placed my order on Thursday, only to receive an email that evening saying that my card details may have been "compromised", the site was hacked on 24th of October and they've waited until mid January to notify their customers, hundreds of people could have been affected. I'm sure you've all heard about this by now so I won't harp on about it... 'tis a little scary though!

Anyway, I'm still a loyal customer and will continue to shop with Lush, maybe not on the website from now on though hey?!

Firstly, I received the "Avobath" bomb for free with the rest of my delivery. The lovely people at Lush threw it in to "cheer me up" - it was a lovely gesture and as I'm a huge fan of their bath bombs, it really did brighten up my day!

This is what they say about the "Avobath" bomb:

Stimulate your senses with the essential oils of lemongrass and bergamot. Freshly squished avocados are stirred into every batch along with scoops of olive oil to moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving you soft and smooth. Happy skin and a happy disposition all in one best selling bath bomb! If you need a winter-moisturizing treat on a dark drizzly day or a cool refreshing bath in the heat, Avobath!

Here's how it went:

Now... this particular bath bomb contains just enough fizz and loveliness for one bath so there's no need to split it. I know the bath looks all murky and dirty, but I promise this wasn't because of me! This isn't my favourite ballistic but it did, however, have tiny little flecks of glitter in it and made my skin look all shiny when I was done! My legs had a lovely "sheen" to them - this would be PERFECT for a pre-party bath!

It smelt incredible and although there weren't any bubbly bits [which I normally can't live without!!!] - it did everything a pure and relaxing bath should do! I felt moisturised and pampered! YAY!!!

I even used one of my other products whilst in my "Avobath"...

"Cosmetic Warrior" is the first ever face mask I've purchased from Lush. I suffer from dry patches on my forehead and cheeks so I make sure any facial products used are at least lightly moisturising, Cosmetic Warrior sounded like it would be perfect for me!

Here's what 'Lush' claim: "A superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt and calm and soothe all troubled skins."

A little pricey at £5.75... you only get a tiny little pot, but it really is quality stuff and could easily be used three times. I love the fact that you have to "keep it chilled" because it's so fresh! Some ingredients include, garlic and crushed grapes. There was even a little label on the bottom to tell you who prepared your mask and when it should be used by - Thank you "Katrina" from Lush, my mask was lovely!

This mask is extremely thick and I actually found it quite difficult to apply... I looked an absolute idiot after I'd applied it but it really felt like it was working as soon as it was on my skin.

A lovely lumpy treat for my face! I'm no good at describing smells... but if anybody has used any of the "hemp" range from the Body Shop, this is exactly what it smelt like... but with a little more citrus in there somewhere!

It was an absolute NIGHTMARE to get off once I was done! Short of putting my head under water and waiting for 10 minutes for it to dissolve [which clearly would NOT have been a good idea for someone who can hold her breath for a whole 3 seconds] I was unsure what to do! I suppose I could have made it easier for myself by using a flannel to remove it but I always do things the hard way!!!

Overall - I thoroughly enjoyed my bath and these products have totally made up for the inconvenience caused by 'HackerGate' - Quality as ever Lush! Thank you very much!!!!!  

:) x

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