Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cookies and Blush Awards: The Winners Are...

Samantha at "Corsets, Crafts and Cupcakes' has tagged me in her version of the "blog awards" - the latest blogging craze to sweep the nation!

Firstly, thank you Samantha... it's great to hear that people are actually reading my ramblings and I'm so glad you enjoy it! You always leave me lovely comments and I enjoy hearing from you!! Get recommending me to all those wonderful followers of yours lol!

Lets cover the rules shall we?

~ Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.

~ Share 7 things about yourself

~ Pass the award on to 5 recently discovered blogs that you enjoy reading

~ Leave your recipient a note telling them about their award.

Now, I've done a post in the past which covered a whole FIFTEEN random facts about me, to avoid any repetition I think I'll pass on the "7 things about me" part... if you are interested though, check out the other post here.

I've chosen seven blogs for the award, all of which are fantastic for many different reasons...

Number 1: [The mysterious 'BagLady' has such a lovely way of describing things, she brightens up any dreary day. An all round brilliant 'blogista']
Number 2: [Milly also brightens up my mood when she posts, she has the most fantastic "whimsical" writing style and is one of my favourite beauty bloggers!!]
Number 3: [Kelly takes some incredible photos, she truely is an extremely talented photographer and writer!]
Number 4: [Lisa writes THE best beauty blogs and despite being on a "beauty product shopping ban", she still manages to think of entertaining entries]
Number 5: [Louise is a close friend of mine and another lovely blogger! She recently revamped her blog but there are some lovely reviews and posts on there with more to follow!]

That's my five Blog Awards! Yay!

:) x


  1. hello! thank you so much for the mention. So pleased you enjoy my blog :) x

  2. aw thank you so much honey! xoxo

  3. long time ago, only just found this by randomly searching on google but thank you for the mention! :) xx


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