Saturday, 18 December 2010

Pink Blusher & Snow!

Not many people know this, but I'm currently an Avon Representative...
I've been an Avon Saleswoman for nearly two months now and have been working extra extra hard, alongside my full time job, to sell Avon to my friends  family and territory. It's tough, and at the moment there's not much financial reward, but I can really make it my own business and can use as much pink and sparkles as I like!!!!

Avon is actually a fantastic brand, there are so many different aspects of Avon available, from Lingerie and handbags to make-up and skin care! So many people are scared to try it because they're worried that it's not good quality, but let me tell you -- they stock some of the most fabulous products that I've ever used!

One of which is this:

There are two creams, one for use during the day and one to apply overnight.

It says anti-aging but it can be used for any age. I'm 20 and have now been using this religiously every day/night for 6 weeks. I've noticed a massive difference! Even the dark bags around my eyes (which are so bad I actually call them "suitcases") have improved and the skin is generally softer and the tone in more even.

I'm in love!!!

Also...  had a bit of a disaster yesterday!

After using this beautiful blusher for over 3 months (it lasts forever) and still having 80% of it left... I dropped my make-up bag this morning and this is what I found:

It's completely ruined ...


Luckily I opened it over the sink in the bathroom else I would have been in LOTS of trouble for staining the bathroom tiles pink!

This must be one of the best Avon blushers ever, it had 5 different shades of pink, enabling you to match your cheeks to any occasion and I'd managed to find the perfect blend of colours. It's such a pity they don't sell this any more as it's absolutely fantastic!

Overall -- I'm massively impressed with Avon products and I absolutely love everything they come up with!

:) x

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