Sunday, 26 December 2010

Review: Nailene Dreams

After seeing a post from the lovely Laura at 'The Beauty Sanctum' (click here to view post) I decided to try the Nailene 'Active Square' false nails.

I actually paid just £6.00 for 200 full nail covers from Asda - the bargain of the century right?!

I've never been very good at painting my own nails, I can do my left hand perfectly, yet when it comes to using said hand to paint my the nails on my right hand, it all falls to pieces! A total disaster!!!

I decided to paint these nails with an Avon polish, being an Avon representative I'm lucky enough to be able to get their products for a fraction of the brochure price and I truly believe that they are fantastic quality... here's how I did it!


I used:Avon Nail Laquer - Midnight Plum
Avon Nail Laquer - Clear
Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze
Nailene Active Square nail covers x 200

 Firstly, Measure each nail and file to size using the file included.

Next, press a small blob of tack onto the back of the nail and stick a cotton bud to it, this will enable you to paint the nails first so that you don't smudge whilst they're drying

Thirdly, paint the nails with a thick layer of your chosen nail laquer, i wanted to achieve a dark plum finish with this particular polish so I applied two thick coats

Repeat this for all ten nails and leave on a sheet of kitchen towel to dry.

I left these overnight. Most nail varnishes take at least 4 hours to dry to the touch and another 4 hours to become resistant to knocks and smudges. If I'd put these on straight away and painted it would have been carnage! I can't seem to keep still once I've painted my nails and they develop dents all over the place!

I used a clear top coat and a spritz of Avon's "freeze" spray. This helps to dry nails (to the touch) within 30 seconds. It does work, but the nail will still be succeptable to dents and smudges for the usual drying time.

When dry, get sticking!!!!

When using the Nailene glue, you only need to put a few drops onto the middle third of the nail, press this onto your own nail (make sure they're straight!) and wait a few seconds -- the Nailene glue is fantastic and takes just 3 seconds to dry.... it is, however, harsh on the skin and does stick your fingers together (unfortunately this happened to me a few times) be careful to avoid and excess glue that appears from under the nail whilst sticking and try to avoid getting any glue on the polished nail.. unfortunately this dries "matte" on the nail so you will need to re-apply the polish to get that sheen back.

Voila! You're done!

Overall, considering I had a few mishaps with my first attempt, my nails didn't look too bad once finished and I've already had lots of comments on them. One person was so determined that they were professional I had to show her my kit!

[Excuse the terrible photography]

I would recommend these to anyone! I've now been wearing them for four days and not one has even lifted!

Very impressed!!!

:) x


  1. I'll be using these tips for my new years eve nails :) great blog!

  2. Thanks Lucy!!!

    [You were my first ever comment!!!!!]

    It'll be interesting to see how yours come out - post a picture on your blog and send me the link so I can see :)

    Katie x

  3. Hi lovely, great post and i'm so glad you like the Nailene nails..

    I've never had the need to paint before I apply though; with the nails being false i.e. plastic, the polish dries smooth and incredibly quickly! To the point where they look professionally done even if you paint them after application.. I've never once had a smudge.. Just hope this helps save you a bit time as I normally have mine on, painted and ready to go in 30 mins! x


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