Sunday, 19 December 2010

Wishlist: Lush Ltd.

I thought I'd share my current 'Lush' wishlist with you -- After my Limited Edition Lush Ballistic experience last night, I am totally and utterly hooked!

I had THE perfect bath with a ballistic that somebody (oh so kindly) purchased as my secret santa gift last week... I must say, this is potentially the best secret santa prezzie I've ever recieved as, even though I've never tried a 'lush' product myself (yet), I have been one of their biggest fans after spending many a Saturday afternoon in my local store (Bath - Somerset) oogling at and drooling over their incredible products...

The smell... ooooooh the heavenly store smell... It might even smell better than the Body Shop does [*GASP*] - Did I just say that? Did I just say that something might (MIGHT) be better than my beloved Body Shop?????

Anyway... the bath was perfect... complete with my favourite book of the moment ['Assassin's Appretice' by Robin Hobb] and a few gawjus candles! I haven't been so relaxed for weeks and I really needed it!
Here's a few snaps...


I'll explain the kitten bookmark in a future post -- basically -- I have an obsession with all things cute, little and fluffy... I'm desperate for a pet cat at the moment so cat's/kitten's in particular are at the head of my top ten animal list...

Moving swiftly on...

Now that my bathtime friend (the ballistic) is all used up, I've created [a somewhat boring] Lush wishlist... which I will purchase as soon as humanly possibly (maybe I could also drop a few light hints to my other half, friends and family that gifts of this kind will be welcome???)

I apologise in advance, I did want to add pictures of each product but I'm afraid my picture inserter thingy-ma-bob has decided to throw a paddy and stop working. Instead I shall post links... Here goes:

First up we have the "Cinders" ballistic, I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this, but I have also heard that it makes your bathwater look like peepee? Hmmm interesting...

Next, the "Mrs Whippy"... The Soya milk powder within the ballistic softens the water and makes it slightly milky, which softens your body. MMMMMMM it looks good enough to eat - Scrumcious!

There's also a selection of gift sets that I think are delightful... I wont drone on about them too much but here's my favourite:�20--�30/bathtime_favourites_tin_861.html 

I apologise for the "hyperlink heavy" post, I just HAD to write about these... I feel I might cave in and purchase the whole Lush store as soon as I get paid!

How yummy!!!!!!!!!

:) x

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