Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Haul: E.L.F Madness

I love haul posts... I don't know about you guys, but I love seeing what others are spending their hard earned pennies on. I guess it's the "nosy person" inside of me! 

I'm afraid mine isn't all that interesting, just a little ELF haul, I did also get a whole load of new brushes (think there was 11 in my package) but I forgot to photograph them - I'll put these in a future post!!!! 

At the time of my order, there was a promotion running to get 10 free eyeshadow quads with any order over £20.00 - of course I made full use of this!!!!! 

Firstly, The everyday eyes beauty encyclopedia is a handy little palette with full instructions for the "everyday eye" look on the inside cover. The palette includes:

12 pressed powder eyeshadows

2 cream eyeshadows

1 eyeliner (Black)

1 eyeshadow brush

Surprise, surprise - nail varnishes! I can't remember what each of these colours are called, however, I will be reviewing them individually. I seem to be sticking with neutral tones at the moment... apart from the coral colour on the end - can't wait to try them!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are my 10 free eyeshadow quads - there are some beautiful colours in there, I was so impressed! The packaging is pretty plain, I would have preferred the black pots they usually use, and I was missing an eyeshadow applicator from two of them - other than that, a brilliant freebie!!!!!!

The "Cool bronzer palette". This is my first bronzer set, I don't ever wear bronzer or "contour", I usually just wear blush, but I'm determined to learn and this is one of the bigger steps towards shaking up my make up routine!! 
I was a little disappointed to see that the colours had merged in some places rather than being completely separate, but they're all really natural looking and you can't go wrong for £3.50 right?

And that's it!! (Actually... I did also get some brush shampoo) - all spent up!!! Still trying to think of something else I can purchase, literally in LOVE with ELF right now!! 
What're your favourite ELF products? What do you think of the quality? 


  1. I love elf too, I always look to them for a cheap make up pick-me-up. I can't believe you got all of those quads! The only thing that lets them down is the packaging :( xoxo

  2. Aw I'm glad you agree!! The packaging isn't great, I guess it is reflected by the price and that it'd all be in better boxes if it was more expensive.




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