Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nail of The Day: Barry M - Grey

Wow - I'm really getting the hang of this NOTD lark aren't I?!

I've become beauty obsessed lately and that massively includes painting my nails, I've found that using an Avon freeze dry spray they dry so much faster!!!

Here's my latest:

Yet another Barry M polish... And in a grey tone! I love my neutrals and I have many more on the way after spending far too many hard earned pennies on Barry M's UK site and ELF! Oops!!

This one is number 293 in 'Grey' - inventive name noh?!

What do you guys think?


  1. my giddy aunt aren't the people thinking up nail varnish nails at barry m creative!? I have that colour of my toes at the mo with the pink crackle over the top. Your far neater at it than me! xxx

  2. Creative name, aye. Haha. I like! :D

  3. Definitely a creative bunch! It is grey though... To be fair to them ha!!! Such a nice colour - great idea with the crackle over the top - dying to get my hands on some of the new OPI crackle polishes!
    Thanks so much for your comments ladies x

  4. Gotta love Barry M! I love how glossy and shiny it looks :)


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