Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nail of The Day: Nails Inc. Lily and High Society

It's been some time since I posted about the other members of the Gossip Girl collection (Serena and Blair) so I thought I'd finish off the series with the third polish by Nails Inc. 

The Lily Collection is a special effects duo which includes a beautiful plum black Lily nail polish and High Society red and green overglaze top coat.

It gives the most wonderful effect which would look amazing with a matte top coat - I'm yet to invest in one of these but I'll be sure to update you when I do!!!

What do you think of Lily/High Society?


  1. ooo i have to say that is one if the nicest nail jobs ive seen on a blog... its perfect! and those sparkles make me wanna go buy that polish!
    Rachel :D

  2. Aw thank you Rach_t - it really is beautiful - so worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X


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