Monday, 19 December 2011

Batista's Diary: All Grown Up

I know, I know... you're all wondering where on earth I've been!? No? Really?
Me and my sister have been through an awful lot lately, in fact, there's so much to tell that I couldn't possibly fit it into one blog post - I'll have to try and do some quick bullet points (before I'm discovered and Mum tells me to stop walking all over the laptop!!)

Well, where shall I start?! Me and Tips have moved house, we've had our operations (and had to wear those stupid cones for weeks!) and we're big enough to go outside now! It's such fun using the cat flap, although, I've not quite got the hang of it yet!

Mummy's been taking lots of pictures, shall I show them to you? These are only a very small handful of the millions she has - it's so embarrassing!!  

Don't our red collars look smart? We've "lost" these since this picture was taken - or at least that's what we told Mum!!

Check out the cone, horrible isn't it?!

I like playing with Mum's make-up. Especially when she's trying to take pictures to show you all... she has to start these photos again soon - when I'm not around. The Mascara is my favourite!

Doesn't Tips' Mustache look wonderful in this picture?!

Tipsy is particularly mad about this photo, she'd just woken up and Mum was there with the camera - AGAIN!

Aren't we big?!

Tips is very lady like.


Yep, that's a harness... for walkies... they put me in A HARNESS! FOR WALKIES!

Tipsy loves watching Mummy catch up on her blog reading.

Our new hiding place! We love climbing in the roof of the garage. Suitcases are nice and comfortable. Plus... Mummy can't reach us up here which means - peace and quiet!!!!

This week i helped Mummy with her wrapping. I do love christmas present time! All that paper and raffia ribbon - it's just the best!!

I also love my blankie!

So, what've you been up to lately? Do you have any pets that you could introduce us to? 

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