Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nail of The Day: The Gel Edition

Nope, I'm not about to go all "TOWIE" on you...
Geddit? Gel-s? No? Ok....
Today I got my first gel nail extensions - I'm so pleased with them and thought id share whilst I'm waiting for my chinese takeaway to be delivered! (Gutsy Saturday night - woop).

Sorry in advance for the teeny tiny pictures - they keep going all blurry when i try to re-size them *unhappy face*

I've used falsies before, but only with a cheap extension kit from Asda (would you believe it?!) - i reviewed them here if you're interested. I'm used to having long nails and usually my natural nails are so strong that I can grow them  to a fairly nice length...

I say usually - they've been very brittle lately, I think it may be due to stress.I thought I'd have some gel extensions so that my natural nails grow underneath - good plan noh? I'm terrified of snapping one though, I'm sure it'd be pretty painful - ill be as careful as possible eh?

Got a little glitter as i was feeling festive - i wanted them to be natural though so not too much. What do you think? Likey? No likey?

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