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The Interview Series - #4: Golden Glow

I've been waiting a long time to post this interview, I'm afraid my Gmail account went down FOR AGES and I've only just been able to get poor Lisa's content this morning - PHEW! 

This is the last installment in my "The Interview" series and I'm delighted to introduce the wonderful Lisa from Golden Glow. 

She posts a huge amount of detailed and helpful beauty reviews with hints and tips to get the most out of both high end and high street brands! She's absolutely stunning and knows exactly how to answer those questions we've been burning to ask about the lastest new products!

1:  When did you start your blog, and where does the blog name come from?
I'm not sure exactly when I started my blog because I'm terrible with dates but it must of been around 7-8 months ago. Strangely enough my blog name came from a Boots Natural Collection Bronzer, I've always had a very limited imagination so I decided to get inspiration from my cosmetics. When I saw 'Golden Glow' printed on the back I instantly thought it should be my Blog name because I'm always covered in self tanner and claim to have a 'Golden Glow'.

2: What would you say the mission of your blog is? Are there any particular things you find difficult about the blogging community?
I don't really have a mission for my blog, I created it because I'd been following others for a long time and with the large amount of cosmetics I had I thought others might be interested in reading what my thoughts were. I've never really set myself a target for the amount of followers I want to finally gain or aimed to make a difference with my blog. I've not found there to be any difficulties with the blogging community, I know a lot of people have a bit of a tough time with negative comments but I've never experienced this myself.

3: If someone was interested in blogging, what tips would give them?
Blog because you want to and about what you want, not what you think others want to read.
Try and stick with a cute, simplistic layout that's easy for people to navigate.
If you can, try and use a camera that produces good quality pictures. Clear, detailed photos always attract me to peoples blogs.
Comment on other peoples posts, you'd be surprised at how nice people are. A few comments later and they'll be following you back, recommending your blog to others and helping you gain a few followers.

4: Where are you based?
In Essex.

5:  Which item in your wardrobe or cosmetic cabinet, could you not stand to part with, ever?
I could never part with my St.Moriz self tanner. It still amazes me every time I apply this product how much better it makes me feel about myself!

6: What’s your golden piece of shopping advice?
Never shop with boys, ever. They get bored easily and hurry you along. Shop with your mum if she's patient, friends who enjoy having a slow wander and don't mind trying clothing on or by yourself.

7: In your opinion, every woman should own:
A red lipstick.

8: If you had to choose one mantra for life, which everyone should live by, what would it be?
'Live The Life You Imagined' - This just means to me that whether you imagined yourself settled down with a lovely man and children or as a high-paid working women, go out and make the effort to achieve what you want in life. Don't settle.

9: Do you have an idol/Role model? Somebody who you look up to?
Not anyone in particular. I admire people that work hard.

10: Finally, what’s your favourite animal?
Orca Whales strangely enough! Ever since I saw Free Willy I've wanted to go and see them in real life.


When you have a few minutes spare, have a mosey on over to "Golden Glow". 

She's a shoe addict like me - you'll love her! Guaranteed!!!



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