Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Batista's Diary: Poor Tips

Hello again Everybody, I hope you're all ok! 

I've not written in my diary for a little while, I think it's about time you had an update! 

Mummy came to visit last week, she took Tips away in a big white box... it was filled with comfy looking pink blankets and treats, it looked exciting! I think they were taking her to something called a vet? For something called a jab? 

Mr Vet Man said that Tips was a very good girl and didn't cry once (although Mummy wasn't so brave... she was a big wuss!!), although, Tips wasn't impressed when she got home and went straight upstairs to sulk with me and our other sisters... Apparently the "jab" isn't very nice -- I'd like to see Mum trying to get me into that box when it's my turn!!! 

Tips is almost 11 weeks of age now (what an old fogie), even though she's old enough to go to her "forever home", she's staying with me and aunty Emma until I'm 8 weeks old (only 3 days to go YAY!)... at least this means we can stay together, I'd miss her if she left and I'm sure she'd be lonely! Won't be so scary when we're together! 

Here she is, she's still teeny weeny, but not quite as teeny weeny as me! 

It's only 4 days until we're allowed to go home with Mummy, she's coming to pick us up on Saturday, at 12. I hear she has lots of treats and toys for us -- how sad,she's put our beds and bowls out already -- silly human!!

Mum is extremely excited, she told us all about the new scratching posts she's got for us both and how we've got pretty pink collars for when we're older! 

Not long to go now, luckily Mum has to go to a conference on Thursday and Friday so the time will pass quickly for her. Until Saturday, I'll be concentrating on ruining Aunty Emma's brand new sofas and learning how to climb up the curtains - such fun!!!! 

Mummy recorded a video of me... You can see Tips running round in the background!Here you go -- "click me"

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