Friday, 20 May 2011

Batista's Diary: Best Toy EVER!

Hi again guys, 

Look what Mummy got for us yesterday - a SEE-SAW!!!!!!!!!! This is officially the best toy ever. We've been playing on it non stop and it's so much fun! I'm sure we'll be too big to fit through the ends soon though... 

In other news - at 10 weeks, I'm now big enough to join my 13 week old sister on the window sills - yay! We like watching the birds! 

We feel bad today, this morning Mummy tried to pick us both up to feed us and we thought she was playing... we were having a funny five minutes you see, nan calls it "wind up our tails", she's injured.... check out the scratches - we're tiny but our claws are like knives!!! 

[Ring by JWLRY]

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