Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Batista's Diary: Our Forever Home

The time has finally come, me and my beloved (but rather naughty) sister Tips are at our new home with mummy!

(Thats me on the left...)

We've been home since Saturday afternoon. Man oh man, it's been a rollercoaster!

At first, we wouldn't let anybody go near us, especially me - I'm too tiny you see. Me and Tips would run away with any sudden movements and HATED it when mummy tried to catch us for dinner and bed time! Meanies!

Were getting better. Been home for 3 days now and we love it!

There've been some bumps along the way... Mummy had to buy a new wardrobe because my sister taught me how to climb up their canvas one and sleep at the top. It was a bit wobbly and I'm not as big as my sister so I couldn't get down without the parents' help! Silly me!

We've not had a single 'accident' and are very talented when it comes to using the litter tray (mum said I shouldn't tell you about my toilet habits but I don't care) and we now come running when we hear our food being put down - YUM!!!

There's been lots of mischief but were all settled! When were not running after eachother like lunatics, beating eachother up (or should I say, me beating Tips up. Doesn't matter that she's my big sister - I'm THE BOSS!) or trying to tear the cushions to pieces, were sleeping!
Mummy keeps taking pictures though!!
It's embarrassing, especially when we get all comfy and look silly!

We like to sit and watch mummy make cups of tea, my favourite part is when the kettle pings... It makes me all mental!!

More sleepy pictures - god sake mum!!!

So glad mummy has stayed home with us for a few days (apart from the embarrassing picture part) we're relaxed now and maybe we'll be ok when she goes back to work.

She keeps worrying that we'll hurt ourselves while she's out, and that our play fighting is too rough (I did get a little scratch from Tips today, made mummy cry and phone the vet. She panicked, silly lady! I'm fine I tell you!!!!) but it's all normal, we like to mess about and fly around the house!!!


Were getting braver by the day and have had lots of visitors, people talk to us in baby voices and they sound silly - it's because were the cutest babies ever right?! They all take the mickey out of Tips' tash - funny huh?

Tips likes to sit with mummy now, I'm still not brave enough yet so just sleep next to them instead!

Mummy wants me to apologise for the long and picture heavy post - I just wanted to let you know that were home and settled now. Many more posts to come I'm sure!! Here are some more snaps of us, I'll speak to you soon!!!


  1. How adorable. I have a kitty, she was that size only a few months ago. Enjoy them while they are small, they grow REALLY fast :)

  2. How adorable!!!! I could read this post a hundred times over! x


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