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The Interview Series - #3: Shimmer Like Gold

Welcome to my 3rd Blogger interview,  I am proud to introduce to you all, the wonderful Krissy from Shimmer Like Gold. 

I'm absolutely delighted to feature one of my ultimate blogs. I love Krissy's style of writing and her art and design work. I think it's brilliant that she shares her work with us, such a wonderfully talented lady!!

Here's what Krissy had to say:

1:  When did you start your blog, and where does the blog name come from?
I started my blog in February of 2009. I'd been admiring so many other fantastic design blogs for months and months, and finally bit the bullet and made my own. So glad I did. The blogging community is so wonderfully supportive and I've met many lovely people through it.

The name of my blog, "Shimmer Like Gold", is actually a lyric from a song by my all-time favourite band - Goldfrapp. (The song is called "Let It Take You".) Originally, I just really liked that line, but I think it sums up what my blog is all about quite well. It's my little place to share those things that catch my eye in such a way that they do in fact shimmer! (Was that cheesy?)

2: What would you say the mission of your blog is? Are there any particular things you find difficult about the blogging community?
I created my blog as a place to share what was currently inspiring me, and what I hoped might spark some sort of creative story as well for anyone reading. Mostly I just hope to keep some sort of creative cycle going between friends and strangers alike.

Like I said, the community itself is fantastic. Perhaps just about blogging in general, I do find at times I struggle with posting regularly. I try to maintain a "post every 2-3 days" schedule, but sometimes balancing real life and blogging is more challenging than you'd think!

3: If someone was interested in blogging, what tips would give them?
Just go for it! I waffled for months, and my only regret is not getting involved sooner! That and reach out to your readers at every opportunity. It's by regularly communicating with those people that friendships and bonds are formed and that is what has truly enriched my experience as a blogger.

4: Where are you based?
I'm currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Though throughout the lifespan of my blog, I've also lived in Toronto, in a small university town in Nova Scotia, and will be spending a few months abroad in Sydney, Australia soon as well!

5:  Which item in your wardrobe or cosmetic cabinet, could you not stand to part with, ever?
Wardrobe: I have a sweet little rabbit locket that I love to pieces. I wear it all the time, and would be devastated to lose it.
Cosmetics: Black liquid eyeliner. Funnily enough, I've been on a man-hunt all around the city looking for my specific brand; I'm worried they've stopped carrying it! The horror!

6: What’s your golden piece of shopping advice?
Hold out for what your heart desires. If I have a very clear picture of what I'm looking for, I'll search high and low until I find just the right thing. Never settle for something that simply fills the void. (I suppose this applies in life, not just in shopping as well. ;)

7: In your opinion, every woman should own:
A cute pair of "non-traditional" studs (assuming she has her ears pierced) like a pair of bows, keys, anchors, or my personal favourite, a pair of crowns. Sometimes you just need a little added whimsy infused into an outfit at any given time.

8: If you had to choose one mantra for life, which everyone should live by, what would it be?
I strongly believe in the following (which I adapted from a Winnie the Pooh quotation... Pooh is quite wise, you see.): "You can't always sit in your corner of the world and wait for life to come to you, you have to make it happen for yourself sometimes."

9: Do you have an idol/Role model? Somebody who you look up to?
My dad is my biggest inspiration. He has met with incredible odds and came out on top smiling and loving life. He makes me want to give my 110% every hour of every minute, and I'm so very grateful for the wonderful life he's been able to provide for myself and my family because of his constant 110%. I can only hope his perseverance, determination and hard-working spirit have rubbed off on me somewhere along the line.

10: Finally, what’s your favourite animal?
Bunnies, of course! I may be borderline obsessed... But I accept that fault. ;)


Why don't you pop on over to Shimmer Like Gold to pay Krissy a visit? She's lovely, and I 100% guarantee that you will not be disappointed!


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