Monday, 11 April 2011

The Interview Series - #1: From Gem With Love

Welcome to Interview Numero Uno! 

I'll be posting a series of five, dedicated to my favourite bloggers from across the world. I'm absolutely delighted at the response I received from Gem and the other ladies - thanks again for agreeing to appear on my humble little blog, I'm so grateful! 

Here's how it's done - I ask a series of ten questions, regarding the blogging "world", fashion and their favourite things... They answer as honestly as they possibly can... and VOILA - we have a fantastic interview! 

I am honoured to introduce you all to the wonderful Gem, here's what she had to say:

1:  When did you start your blog, and where does the blog name come from?

I started my blog about 11 months ago now, I had a few different names before I settled on From Gem With Love, which was the way I always sign off a letter, so I thought I would take this, as I always saw my bog as a bit of an online diary.

2: What would you say the mission of your blog is? Are there any particular things you find difficult about the blogging community?

I wouldn't say my blog has a particular mission, I mainly blog for myself, to document my life, keeping things online mean you will never lose them or they will never get burnt in a fire, I always liked it for that sentiment. The thing I would say is, when I write my issues post, I aim to help people. On a whole I think the blogging community is fantastic, I have made some amazing friends through it. Sometimes it can get slightly bitchy, like in real life, but the positives most certainly outweigh the negatives, and the best thing to do is ignore the remarks you may get occasionally. 

3: If someone was interested in blogging, what tips would give them?

Blog about what makes you happy, don't blog something because you think it will get you a huge amount of comments etc, just because people get that new lipstick from MAC don't you get it, just because you think that's what people want to see, people get fed up of the same posts, try to be original, have a clear layout and try and make your pictures large and all the same size.

4: Where are you based?

I'm in Birmingham :)

5:  Which item in your wardrobe or cosmetic cabinet, could you not stand to part with, ever?

Eve Lom face cleanser, it is my fail safe skin miracle worker, I never get spots, ever. I also love Clinique youth surge moisturiser, it's really great.

6: What’s your golden piece of shopping advice?

Shop alone and early, I never end up getting what I want when I'm with my boyfriend or friends, I feel rushed or get fed up that they want to try EVERYTHING on, I tend to get less stressed when I shop alone.

7: In your opinion, every woman should own:

A black dress, a Mac style coat, knee high boots, a great pair of flat shoes, Eve Lom Ceanser and a handbag that goes with everything.

8: If you had to choose one mantra for life, which everyone should live by, what would it be?

Just be you, because you do you so perfectly.

9: Do you have an idol/Role model? Somebody who you look up to?

I look up to my Mother, she is the strongest person I know and never fails to amaze me, she is and always will be my best friend.

10: Finally, what’s your favourite animal?

Husky Dogs, so amazingly beautiful.


I'm sure that, just like me, you're all huge fans of Gem's blog. She's recently been featured on the Bloglovin' "Up and coming list" which is brilliant and I personally love her "Gem, this is your life" posts. She takes the most gorgeous photographs! 

Why not check out her blog by clicking the following picture, and follow her on Twitter & Bloglovin' - I promise, you won't be disappointed!! 



  1. No problem - Thanks for answering my questions :D
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  2. This is lovely, i love hearing about other's blogs x


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