Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Batista's Diary: Meet Tips

Hi Everyone, 

It's that time again! Mummy left me for a whole two weeks this time! I'm now 4 weeks old and getting bigger every single day. I was glad to see her again...

I was a little stroppy today (sorry Mum) and decided that I didn't want many cuddles... I would much rather sleep curled up on the sofa with my sisters! I was quite unsociable but Mum and Nanny said I'm still extremely cute - Phew!!! I did bite her a little bit on the finger, I think she let me off because my toothipegs are so tiny!

I've been spending lots of time playing with my sisters and sleeping after tiring myself out. We've been play fighting lots but I've still not been able to beat up my older half sisters properly, Grrr!! 
I'm very strong now, although, I keep loosing my balance and toppling over when I try to jump up at something or chase after my buddies - I guess when I'm a little older I'll get stronger and will be able to scoot around like the others. I've not managed to climb the curtains yet...

I have beautiful blue eyes right now and my ears are getting bigger (Mum called me Dumbo today - MEAN), I think my eyes will change colour soon, my friends' eyes are all gold now... pretty!

Aren't I adorable? 

Guess what... Mum also decided to give a home to one of my half sisters too!!!! She's called Tips, because of the white tip on the end of her tail. She also has a little moustache - she looks funny!! 
She's really naughty, she keeps jumping on our sisters and even tried waking me up by poking me, cheeky! 

She's older than me by 3 and a half weeks, Mummy wanted us to stay together for as long as possible so she'll be staying here with me until our pick up day on my 2 month birthday! 

Here she is, she's on the right... attacking our brother:

How exciting!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see Mum again, she's coming to get Tips to take her for her 1st injection (yuck, I don't like the sound of that) at the end of the month so I'll see them soon! Yay!! 


  1. So cute! I love these entries! x

  2. Hehe, thanks Hun - something a bit different to the norm (and Batista likes writing them too pah ha ha!)
    Plenty more to come!! x


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