Thursday, 15 September 2011

Crochet: For Old Ladies?

Recently... I've randomly discovered the art of Amigurumi. I'm not really sure how, I kind of just came across some images on a blog and thought that it's the coolest thing ever! 

Amigurimi is a Japanese art, which has been adapted across the world. You can create the cutest little items using simple crochet techniques. 

See, I say simple.. but I've never used crochet in my life - it's something I'm desperate to learn as I'd love to make little presents for people's christmas stockings! Maybe my super-star Mum will teach me if I can track down a pattern! 

I've collected a few images and blog lines. I think these are truly awesome and I can't wait to give it a go. Let me know what you think, have you given this a try?

I would seriously love one of these little cactus plants for my desk at work. Aren't they just fantastic?!?!?!!? And I wouldn't be able to kill it!

Errmmmmm, these look totally scrummy don't they?!


This is so cute it actually hurts!! I giggle every time I see this!!!


I'll keep you posted with progress! Hopefully they'll look something similar to one of the above!


  1. I'm obsessed with Amigurumi - I've bought so many items in the past and I keep annoying my boyfriend by putting them all around the house! SO CUTE. <3 I have a how-to book as well but I need a lot more practice. :P xoxox

  2. Hey Kate!!
    Really? That is totally awesome! Where did you get your "how to" book from? I need something very basic as I've never done anything like this EVER!
    Will definitely be planting them all over the house when I get making them.
    In Love!

    Katie x


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