Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Baby Batista: An Introduction

The day has finally arrived...

After 6 months of searching, saving, collecting and persuading -- I've finally been able to find a teeny tiny kitten!

I literally don't think I could be anymore excited than I am right now! In precisely 6.5 weeks, i'll be picking the little kitten up from my friends house and bringing her home to my humble abode, where she'll be spoiled rotten with her own bedroom, numerous toys and treats, and a mummy who loves her very much! 

I realise that I must sound like an absolute mentalist right about now, especially as the munchkin is actually an animal and not a human being... but to be honest - I couldn't care less.

Those of you who've been reading my ramblings for a while now will know that I love animals, I honestly can't think of anything that I love more... (well, apart from my family and my friends -- but that's kind of a given) cats in particular are my favourite, and I'm so pleased that I'm now able to find a little one and can give it a comfortable and safe home!

I've ensured that I'm a complete kitten expert and have prepared myself by reading kitten manuals... actually like a proper baby I suppose, that's how I'll be treating her anyway hehe!!
I know exactly what I need to do when we bring my little Batista home and also have absolutely everything I need for her already... even down to a bed (which you can attach to the radiator) and a set of pretty little bowls *yay*

Here are some pictures of baby Batista kitten, I think you'll agree, she's an absolute bundle of gorgeous, fluffy perfectness!!!

[Please excuse the blurriness, she's a wiggler!]
She's absolutely adorable - perfect splodges of black and white.... only just opening her eyes at the tender age of 1 week and 2 days! 

I have no idea how I managed to choose between all the sleeping bundles of fuzziness, I think I just picked randomly! It's strange how she looks a little bit like a previous pet of mine (called Jacko), he was also black and white... 

I'll be going back to visit on Monday so I'm sure I'll have many more photos then! She'll have almost doubled in weight by 2 weeks of age and will have fully opened her eyes! 

EEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!

:) x


  1. Oh wow, so cute. She looks like a guinea pig! Hehe. <3 x

  2. Hehe!!! She does look a bit like a guinea pig at the moment bless her, that's the first thing my Mum said when she saw her!
    Hopefully when I go back to see her on Monday she'll look less like a guinea pig (or any other small rodent lol) and will look like a teensy weensy cat instead! x


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